Herbal Heroes & The Future of Herbalism

After weeks of working on releasing suppressed anger, grief and fear I feel lighter and more at ease.  With these clearings I’ve moved even deeper within myself and have tapped into a shame so imbedded in my matrix that it is almost overwhelming me.  As the anxiety rises from knowing I have to look at this aspect of my growth process, I just Breathe. A long belly breath that expands my belly and my chest.  I remember that I am infinitely supported by the universe and my human and plant allies.  I know that any information gained will be transformed into wisdom and love and I will release all residual fear, anguish or disgust that embodies all shame.

Last weekend at 2015-10-18 12.54.23the annual American Herbalists Guild Symposium in Granby, CO I had the pleasure of meeting and gathering with so many of my herbal heroes.  Teaching alongside people I admire so deeply and being acknowledged for my accomplishments was incredible!  And intimidating!  The symposium also brought up these feelings of shame and I am glad I had the courage to overcome them.  I know I was chosen by the plants to teach their wisdom and I am honored to have the opportunity.

I want to thank the AHG for putting on such an epic event! Every teacher at the Symposium is amazing, but I wanted to recognize two of my favorites. Check out their links as they are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

The top of my list is Ethan Russo, MD, he is a board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and former Senior Medical Advisor to GW Pharmaceuticals.  I heard him speak in Bern, Switzerland in 2002 when he was part of the team that developed the first patented cannabis product.  So much of his work is finally being recognized in the scientific community as CBD and Terpenoids become the new buzz words in cannabis research. More importantly he is a plant person and understands the synergy of whole plant medicine!  His team at Phytecs areresearching the Endocannabinoid System and it’s role in our physiology and our evolution with cannabis.  Ethan is a humble likable guy that you will be hearing a lot about in the future.  Read about Ethan’s work with Cannabis

I finally got to attend a class of my favorite Aromatherapist, Mindy Green.  Her four decades of work with essential oils and in the natural products industry makes her an authority on botanical medicine.  She runs a consulting company, Green Scentsations and specializes in botanical therapies, product development, and aromatherapy education.  Mindy has welcomed me into the Aromatherapy community and is a genuinely kind person.  Lear more about Mindy’s work with essential oils

As you see I was in the presence of people that have been studying botanicals since I was a wee baby.  I had to convince myself that I was worthy of being on the stage alongside these giants in our industry.  Acknowledgement from our peers (and heroes) is important, but ultimately it is how you feel about yourself that is important.  I continue to liberate this deep feeling of embarrassment of who I think I am.  Just like you, I am beautiful, strong, kind and worthy of all the love and acceptance the universe has to give.

I leave you with a simple soul nourishing, energy building recipe that will help you open up to loving embrace of the Divine.

IMG_2977Use all organic ingredients (of course)

1 small handful of fresh or dried rose petals

1 handful fresh or dried milky oat tops or oatstraw

1 handful fresh or dried hawthorn leaves and flowers

1 handful fresh or dried tulsi basil

1/2 handful fresh or dried violet leaves

1/2 handful fresh or dried calendula flowers

As you blend the herbs together, honor each plant for its offering of medicine and ask it to open your heart to the infinite wisdom you are about to receive.  Steep the herbs in 4-6 cups of boiled (not boiling) water for 15-20 minutes.  Strain herbs and set aside for a second use.  The bitter quality of some of the herbs will help clear toxins and negativity from your body.  If the taste is unpleasant add 1 tsp honey and thank the bees for their role in our nourishment.  Drink anytime you need of day or night.  It is a great ally on days when you need extra support or love.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings.

When energy flows, Wellness grows