Herbal Cream for Irritated Skin

I have used this cream for a variety of complaints, from eczema to dermatitis from an allergen.  Safe for babies, yet strong enough to heal chronic skin conditions, this cream will amaze you!  

Healing Skin Creamherbal-decongestant-salve-collage

Create a 2 ounce Plantain and Prunella infused Apricot kernel Oil 

Add 1-3 tbsp Cocoa Butter (less will be more like a lotion, more will be thicker)

This alone will drastically improve the condition of your skin…but you might as well give it a longer shelf life and get the added benefits of Essential Oils!

While mixture is still warm add 1-4 drops Helichrysum, 3 drops Carrot seed, 2 drops Myrrh to repair skin and prevent further scarring

As always, use organic and sustainably harvested herbs and oils

This instructional video on making an herbal salve will provide step by step instructions How To Make An Herbal Salve

With Love,


Jessica Baker, LAc

When energy flows, wellness grows